Books and Films for Review

Reason Papers regularly publishes book and film reviews.  Interested reviewers should send an email indicating their interest in writing a review and the book(s)/film to be reviewed. We prefer that reviewers have a documented track record of scholarly book reviewing in English-language academic journals, but will consider first-time reviewers and others on a discretionary basis. First-time reviewers with Reason Papers should send a current CV in their initial email, and be prepared to send a writing sample upon request.

Typically the reviewer will already have a copy of the book to review or have already contacted the press for a review copy.

We prefer that reviews run within two or three years (four at the most) of the book’s publication date.

Please address all book review correspondence to, with the phrase “book review” (or “film review”) in the subject line. All review assignments are at the Editors’ discretion.

For more detailed information on writing a book review for Reason Papers, consult the Book Review/Review Essay section of our Submissions page. Guidelines on writing film reviews are forthcoming.

This page last revised May 15, 2024 (SK)

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