Current and forthcoming symposia in Reason Papers

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Current Symposia

RP 39.1: The Perfectionist Turn 

Contributors include Elaine Sternberg, Neera Badhwar, and David McPherson, with a response by Douglas J. Den Uyl and Douglas B. Rasmussen.

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Forthcoming Symposia

RP 40.1: Happiness Studies: An Assessment
The recent interdisciplinary field of Happiness Studies is bristling with activity.  No longer just one of the perennially contemplated topics in philosophy, happiness is being studied from multiple angles. Its study is being supported by grants at initiatives like the Eudaimonia InstituteProject Happiness; and the Virtue, Happiness, and the Meaning of Life Project. What is it? Should we seek it? Is it the ultimate standard of morality? Can it be measured quantitatively or is it only qualitatively experienced? How can we foster it? What role, if any, should parents, educators, therapists, and others have in cultivating the experience of it in young people? We welcome submissions from various disciplines that take a normative approach to reflecting on some aspect of happiness and Happiness Studies.  Submissions are due by November 15, 2017 (Note: extended deadline).

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